Bamboo Panels

Our new range of Bamboo Panels matches the ultimate in style with the benefits of a high quality bamboo finish. Using sections of panels you can radically transform a room. The bamboo slats are locked together with a woven mesh backing so all you have to do is unroll and fix to the wall or work surface. A worktop or table can be covered by a Bamboo Panel and either left as a natural surface or covered with a glass top. If covering a ceiling please ensure you treat the surface with appropriate fire-retardant to comply with building regulations. Due to the delicate nature of the slats we do not recommend this product for flooring purposes.

Interesting effects can be achieved with curved walls, such as pillars. During fitting you will need to take into account grooves which may need filling, or on inward curves allowing some separation from the mesh backing to allow the slats to flex around the curve.


Bamboo Panel Styles

panel-burnt-honey panel-autumn-wheat
Burnt Honey Autumn Wheat
panel-lime-mist panel-tortoise
Lime Mist Tortoise
panel-vanilla-stripe panel-savannah
Vanilla Stripe Savannah

Bamboo Panel Specifications

Bamboo Panels are supplied as a roll, minimum length 1 metre, maximum length per roll is 10m. The thickness is ~2.5mm. The rolls are available in two heights: 1 metre high, and 2.5 metres high. Individual slat widths depend on the style that is selected.


Bamboo Panel Pricing

  • 1m / 2.5m
  • £16.61per square metre

  • Lime Mist
  • Savannah
  • Vanilla Stripe
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  • 1m / 2.5m
  • £17.36per square metre

  • Tortoise
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